AdeptStore UK - Security Information

We take Internet security very seriously. We have built this site using leading edge technologies and expertise, adhering to the most widely recognised standards and certified by one of the leading Certifying Authorities, Thawte, to offer you complete and absolute protection when ordering.

To ensure your total piece of mind, we have also put together this page detailing the stringent security measures we take, along with further details of how you can safeguard your credit card details when purchasing over the Internet. We hope you find this information useful.

Is there a risk of credit card fraud on the Internet?

Credit card fraud existed long before the Internet arrived. When you order something over the telephone and read out your credit card details, or hand over your card in shops or restaurants, do you ever stop to think what the person receiving the details might subsequently do with your card number and expiry date?

The Internet isn't immune to credit card fraud, but many of the security precautions taken to protect the details of card holders using the Internet for electronic commerce are far better than those used in traditional business. The Adept Scientific WebStore, for example, starts a secure connection as soon as you enter the checkout area, encrypting all data exchanged between your browser and our servers. This means that the information you input and send for processing is securely encoded, using complex algorithms understood only by our servers, from the moment it reaches the checkout right through to confirmation of order and payment. Clearly, this is many times safer than telephone ordering methods, where your card details are often read out aloud for anyone within earshot to hear, or traditional retailing methods where the transaction will probably be performed either out of your sight, or in front of other people, or both.

What systems do you use to protect my card details once I have submitted them?

As soon as you enter the Adept Scientific WebStore, you will notice that the URL at the top of your screen changes from "http://www..." to "https://www...". This "s" in the address, as well as the padlock sign in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window, signifies that the connection between your browser and the WebStore has been secured. This means that all data being sent between your PC and our servers is encrypted. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) based encryption, the de facto industry standard for communicating secure information, plus a combination of firewalls and the use other security systems that all sensitive information you send to us (such as your credit/debit card details) cannot possibly be read and misused by other Internet users.

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