SSR-RACK24 - Solid State Relay Backplane (Gordos/OPTO-22 Type Relays), 24-Channel

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The SSR-RACK24 is a mounting and interface rack for use with standard size Gordos/OPTO-22 solid state I/O modules. These modules provide 1500 V of isolation from harsh electrical environments for both digital inputs and outputs. On board TTL level drivers provide the necessary drive current to control any compatible 5 V solid state relay.

The SSR-RACK24 has independent screw terminals for each module. The screw terminals allow you to connect signals via 12-22 AWG wire. I/O Modules: Compatible modules are available from the SSR-OAC, SSR-ODC, SSR-IAC and SSR-IDC series.

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Interface: PCI

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"When we started designing these systems, we needed to locate a robust data acquisition unit that we could trust, have multiple inputs and a simple but effective software interface and a reasonable price." Michael Gray, Precia Molen

"We have used MCC devices for many years on any number of different projects, from pile testing to seismic tests, and we've always been more than satisified with their performance. This was the natural choice for us." Stephen Kemp, Manager, GBG Structural Services


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