Sound Power Measurement Module

Sound Power Measurement Module


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The sound power measurement module can calculate the sound power for a maximum of 16 input channels (from the sound level measurement module) 1 output channel, switch-able to:

  • Measurement surface sound power.
  • Sound power level (SPL) of all active channels.The module properties allow you to set the four correctivevalues in dB or use the "wizards" to determin them:
    • K0: Correction value for air pressure and temperature. Directinput of the dB value or pressure and temperature. (Only necessary for class 1 measurements according to DIN 45 635.)
    • K1: Correction value for extraneous noise correction (back-ground noise, signal-to-noise-ratio). Direct input of thedB value or taken from last measurement.
    • K2: Correction value for environment feedback (reflections).Direct input of the dB value or input of the room's metrics:– volume– reverberation time ...
    • Ls: Correction value for for the enveloping surface. Directinput of the dB value or input of the surface metrics(guided with graphics). Like DIN (2a, 2c, b)– Spherical, hemisphere, quarter globe– Cuboids (detached, at a wall, at a wall and ceiling)

    The module works according the following standards:DIN 45 635, DIN EN 23 741, ISO 3741, DIN EN 23 742, ISO 3742, DIN EN 23 744, EN ISO 3744, DIN EN 21 680, ISO 6395

    Please see our Sound Power Measurement Module Web pages for details.

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"This [DASYLab] enables us to access and to forward production data in a graphical format or a table form at any time." EIV-Engeser GmbH

"DASYLab has proved to be as flexible as we hoped, easy to use and easy to develop." Jon Croll, Design Engineer, MEL

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