Bronze Support for ChemOffice Professional. Named User. 1 Year Commercial

Bronze Support for ChemOffice Professional. Named User. 1 Year Commercial


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"The images I have created with Chem & Bio Office have been the easiest and quickest graphics I have ever made. You can go from a chemical name to a publication-quality 3D model in literally less than 5 minutes (probably seconds if all the software is running and you know what you want to do). I really love the software, and recommend it enthusiastically if you need to create molecules, formulas, or biological graphics for publication. Without a doubt, I rate Chem & Bio Office a 5 out of 5. It actually exceeded all of my expectations, so I wish I could rate it even higher. If you need to create chemical or biological graphics for teaching or publication, my recommendation is: buy the software now! You definitely won't regret the purchase."
George I. Viamontes, MD, PhD

"I recommend ChemOffice to all chemists for highly productive research activities, the best organisational orientation of experimental information and building literature databases".
Dr. Nauduri Dhananjaya, Dept. of Neurological Surgery, University of California

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