USB-1616HS-4 - USB-Based 1 MS/s, 16-Bit Multifunction Module

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Product Code: USB-1616HS-4
Platform: Windows
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Key Highlights

  • 1 MS/s, 16-bit A/D converter
  • 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog inputs
  • Four 1 MS/s, 16-bit analog outputs
  • Simple expansion (via AI-EXP48 option) results in 32 DI/64 SE analog inputs
  • Any analog input can measure voltage or thermocouplesÑany TC type on any channel
  • Over-sampling mode, including line-cycle rejection for ultra stable TC and low-level voltage measurements, even in the presence of AC power line noise
  • 24 digital I/O lines
  • 4 counter inputs capable of measuring frequency, period, pulse width, or quadrature encoders up to 20 MHz
  • 2 timer outputs
  • Synchronous I/O, where all analog inputs, digital I/O and counter/timer I/O can occur synchronously, resulting in precise time correlation between all I/O
  • Low latency control outputs capable of responding to inputs in as fast as 2 µs

Product Details

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Measurement Computing's USB-1616HS-2 provides either 8 differential or 16 single-ended analogue inputs with 16-bit resolution. It offers seven software-selectable analogue input ranges of ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, ±1 V, ±0.5 V, ±0.2 V, and ±0.1 V. Up to eight of the analogue inputs can be configured as differential thermocouple (TC) inputs. It also has four 16-bit, 1 MS/s analogue outputs with an output range of -10 V to +10 V.

The USB-1616HS-4 has 24 high-speed lines of digital I/O, two timer outputs, and four 32-bit counters. It provides up to 4 MS/s scanning on all digital input lines. Six banks of removable screw-terminal blocks provide connectivity to the analogue input channels, digital I/O lines, and counter/timer channels. All analogue inputs, digital I/O lines, and counter/timer I/O can operate synchronously.

An optional expansion module (AI-EXP48) quadruples the analogue input channels to 32DI/64SE.

The combination of the USB-1616HS-4 and Measurement ComputingÕs DAQ software suite gives you a complete data acquisition solution that will have you taking measurements in minutes. The device is fully USB plug and play and easy to use. A required external power supply is included with the unit.

The USB-1616HS-2 is a USB 2.0 high-speed device supported under popular Microsoft Windows® operating systems. It is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports.

The USB-1616HS-4 delivers outstanding performance and a wide variety of analogue, digital, and frequency I/O in one compact and low-cost package. The simple plug-in AI-EXP48 expansion module can quadruple the analogue input channel count of any of the USB-1616HS series modules.

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Analog Input
Sample Rate: 1.00 MS/s
Resolution: 16 bit
Number of Channels: 16 SE , 8 DI
Range, Bipolar: -10.00 to 10.00 , -5.00 to 5.00 , -2.00 to 2.00 , -1.00 to 1.00 , -0.50 to 0.50 , -0.20 to 0.20 , -0.10 to 0.10
Anaolg Output
Number of Channels: 4
Update Rate: 1.00 MS/s
Resolution: 16
Range, Bipolar: -10.00 to 10.00 V
Counter Inputs: 4
Timer Outputs: 2
Counter Resolution: 32 bit
Digital I/O
Number of Channels: 24
Interface: USB
Measurement Type
Measurement Type: Temperature , Digital I/O , Frequency , Multifunction , Quadrature Encoder , Thermocouple , Voltage
TC Type
TC Type: B , E , J , K , N , R , S , T

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"With reliability a key concern, we chose a name we could trust and the USB unit was a low-cost item that has proved very effective." Gordon Roxburgh, Volunteer Engineer, Brooklands Museum

"USB output has really made life easier on insutrumentation projects because you can simply swap from one laptop to another with minimal fuss. On this sort of operation that gives us extra confidence." Stephen Kemp, Manager, GBG Structural Services

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System Requirements

System OS Mathcad Prime 2.0:
Windows XP 32-bit (Home or Professional Edition, SP3)
Windows XP 64-bit (Professional Edition, SP3)
Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Mathcad 15:
Windows XP 32-bit (Home or Professional Edition, SP3)
Windows XP 64-bit (Professional Edition, SP3)
Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Processor Pentium-compatible 2xP4 2.4GHz or later
Hard Disk 1.6 GB of hard disk space (400 MB for Mathcad with one language installed, 250 MB for prerequisites, 1.2 GB temporary space during installation)
RAM 512 MB
CDrom DVD drive (not required for silent installations) and Internet connection (required for license acquisition)
Other Requirements

Other Requirements SVGA or later graphics card, 1024 x 768, 32-bit colour monitor, and mouse or compatible pointing device, keyboard

  • Microsoft .NET Framework® 4.0 SP1 or later*
  • Windows Installer 3.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and Adobe Reader 5.0 or later are required for full
    functionality of the Help system.

*Software can be installed automatically during the Mathcad installation, at your option.

The 64-bit version of Mathcad runs as a native 64-bit application. This version utilizes more than 4 GB of memory.

Mathcad® Prime? 2.0 Installation and Administration Guide

Coexistence and Upgrade

  • Mathcad Prime 2.0 can be installed side by side with any previous versions of Mathcad.
  • If a pre-release version of Mathcad Prime 2.0 exists, uninstall the older version before installing Mathcad Prime 2.0
  • Currently, no upgrade option for this product is available.

XMCD, MCD File Conversion
To convert Mathcad xmcd or mcd files to Mathcad Prime 2.0 mcdx format, you must have Mathcad 15 M005 installed. Otherwise, the converter will not function properly. You can download Mathcad 15 M005 from The installation of Mathcad 15 M005 requires uninstalling any existing Mathcad 14 version from your computer. If you wish to reinstall Mathcad 14 at a later
date you will need to back up your license file (license.dat) from be C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad 14\licenses, outside of the Mathcad install directory, to ensure that it is not deleted. If you use a license server, you do not have to back up your license file.

Vendor Daemon
In addition to a license file, FLEXnet also requires a vendor daemon to properly serve Mathcad licenses. This vendor daemon actually dispenses a license to your machine when you start Mathcad. Without it, Mathcad cannot check out a license at start up.
The vendor daemon is provided as part of the FLEXnet install, available on the Mathcad CD. The vendor daemon is included on the CD.

License Management
To serve floating licenses and registered-user licenses, you must use FLEXnet or later. FLEXnet for Windows is available on the Mathcad CD.
You can also use the FLEXnet executable for Linux, Solaris, or 64-bit Windows provided with other PTC products. You cannot use a FLEXnet executable


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