DAQBOARD/1000 - 16-Bit, 200 kHz PCI Data Acquisition DaqBoards

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IOtech's DaqBoard/1000 Series of low-cost, ??multifunction PCI boards are ideal for OEM or embedded applications. These boards are best suited to applications with pre-?conditioned voltage signals up to 16 channels. For applications that require channel expansion or signal conditioning for measuring temperature, strain, vibration and more, consider our DaqBoard/2000 Series with its line of over 40 DBK signal conditioning and expansion options.

The DaqBoard/1000 Series has a 16-bit, 200 kHz A/D coupled with 16 single-ended or eight differential analogue inputs. Seven software programmable ranges provide inputs from ±10 V to ±156 mV full scale. Each channel can be software-configured for a different range, as well as for single-ended or differential bipolar input. While all analogue input ranges on the DaqBoard are calibrated at the factory, the DaqBoard also allows user calibration through a separate program called DaqCal. This software stores its calibration results in tables that are separate from factory calibration.

Twenty-four TTL-level digital I/O lines are included in the DaqBoard/1000 Series. They are divided into three 8-bit ports. Ports can be programmed in 8-bit groups as either input or output. Also, four 16-bit counters are built into the DaqBoard/1000, each capable of accepting frequency inputs up to 10 MHz. The analogue, digital, and counter inputs all can be read asynchronously under program control, or synchronously as part of an analogue and digital scan group.

The DaqBoard/1000 Series supports Bus Mastering DMA, which allows analogue and digital/counter input data, as well as analogue and digital output data to flow between the PC and the DaqBoard/1000 Series without consuming valuable CPU time. The driver supplied with the DaqBoard/1000, as well as all other third-party software support such as NI LabVIEW™, automatically utilize Bus Mastering DMA to efficiently conduct I/O from the PC to the DaqBoard.

The DaqBoard/1000 Series provides all I/O signals on one 68-pin connector. The TB-100 adapter option makes it easy for the user to attach signals to the DaqBoard/1000 Series data acquisition boards.

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Anaolg Output
Number of Channels: 2
Update Rate: 100.00 KHz
Resolution: 16
Range, Bipolar: -10.00 to 10.00 V
Measurement Type
Measurement Type: Voltage Output , Digital I/O , Multifunction


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