USB-204 - 12-Bit, 500 kS/s, Data Acquisition Device

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Product Code: USB-204
Platform: Windows
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Key Highlights

  • 8 SE analog inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 500 kS/s sampling rate
  • 8 digital I/O
  • One 32-bit counter
  • OEM board only versions are available

Product Details

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The USB-204 device provides eight single-ended (SE) analog inputs, eight individually-configurable DIO channels, one event counter, and external pacer I/O. Everything you need to begin acquiring, viewing, and storing data is included with this device, including comprehensive software support.

Analog Input
The USB-204 device provides eight 12-bit SE analog inputs and offers an analog input range of ±10 V.

Sampling Rate
When scanning continuously to computer memory (hardware-paced mode), this device has a 500 kS/s maximum aggregate sampling rate.

Channel-Gain Queue
The channel-gain queue feature lets you configure a list of channels and gains for each scan. Each channel can have a different gain setting. The gain settings are stored in a channel-gain queue list that is written to local memory on the device.

External Pacer I/O
The USB-204 device provides one external clock input and one clock output for the analog input pacer. You can connect an external clock signal to the external clock input terminal. When using the internal clock, this device outputs the ADC sample clock.

Digital I/O
The USB-204 device provides eight TTL-level digital I/O lines. Each digital channel is software-selectable for input or output. When configured for input, you can use the digital I/O terminals to detect the state of any TTL-level input.

Pull-Up/Pull-Down Configuration
The USB-204 device has a user-configurable internal jumper to configure the digital bits for pull-up or pull-down (default).

Event Counter Input
The device supports one 32-bit TTL-level event counter that accepts inputs up to 1 MHz.

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Analog Input
Sample Rate: 500.00 kS/s
Resolution: 12 bit
Number of Channels: 8 SE
Range, Bipolar: -10.00 to 10.00 , -5.00 to 5.00 , -2.00 to 2.00 , -1.00 to 1.00
Counter Inputs: 1
Counter Resolution: 32 bit
Digital I/O
Number of Channels: 8
Interface: USB
Measurement Type
Measurement Type: Digital I/O , Multifunction , Voltage


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